Why is this website called Portcullis* ?
   First, you should know what a portcullis is, or was.
   Back in medieval times, castles and fortresses were usually protected by a
wall, often of stone, and very strong. You entered the fortress through a portal,
often after crossing a moat via a bridge. To defend the castle in times of war
(a frequent state of affairs) the bridge was usually a drawbridge, and the entrance portal could be closed by a gate..The usual gate was a heavy, cross-barred barrier, raised to allow access, and lowered to bar entry. That gate was called a portcullis. The word is derived from Latin and Early French and probably came into the English language with the arrival of the Normans in Britain in 1066 and the Battle of Hastings.

   Our family crest includes three gates, and the battlement of a fortress. The simple conclusion is that we Yates were at some time and place the custodians of the gate, the portcullis. We were the doormen of the day. It seemed logical that this website, our gateway, be called Portcullis*.

   Accept that in today's terms: our home is our castle, the world is on the Internet, and this website is our gateway to the world. And the portcullis is open to you.

   Why the asterisk? Let's be honest, the word is a bit obscure. We suspect it will need explanation for quite some time.