For about 8 years Portcullis* was a means of keeping family and friends informed as June and Tom travelled around North America, cameras in hand. It was updated most evenings with samples of the days shoot.
   Health issues became a factor about 2010 that curtailed travel, but Portcullis* continued to show new photograhy.
In 2017 June and Tom moved into a Retirement Residence in Aurora. June's health continued to decline and she died in December 2018.

   June Haylock and Tom Yates married in 1994, They moved to
Aurora ON from Toronto, giving both of them a new life, to-gether. They had been active photographers for many years, shooting, teaching,and doing administration for clubs and organizations.
  Then photography changed to digital and along came the Internet. About 2003 Tom started building websites for volunteer orgnizations and that led to his own website for photography that he called 'Portcullis*'.