Tom Yates says:
My father.
Arthur (only his mother called him 'Arthur' as an adult) was born in Preston ON (now part of Cambridge). His parents were Thomas Yates and Emma Volkmann Yates. The firstborn. He grew up in Preston, attended Galt High School and a one year Teachers College course at the University of Toronto. Tiny went to the village of Deloro, to teach 8 grades in the basement/school of the Village Hall. Deloro was a 'Company Town' of the Deloro Smelting and Refining Co. About 1916 he 'went active' in the Canadian Army and was shipped  to France. At the end of WW1 he was Captain Yates, Adjutant of the 1st Battallion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. As a part of the Army of Occupation in Germany he established the Battalion HQ in in a Winery. Smart man!

On his return to Canada post-war, Tiny returned to Deloro and was employed by the DS&R Co. He continued his military career with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment and commanded the regiment from 1932 to 1936 and the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion from 1942 to 1946. In 1943 he became the General Manager of the DS&R Co. until his unexpected death in 1948 at age 54.
My Mother.
Chris was born in Crieff, Scotland. Her parents, Jessie and David Wilson, with their 6 children, emigrated to Canada in 1907 and settled in Hamilton along with other members of her mothers family, the Mathesons. She moved to Deloro in 1922, to work as a stenographer in the office of the Deloro Smelting & Refining Company. There she met Tiny. They were married in 1925.
The 1920's and the 1930's were quite different decades, changing from prosperity in the 20's to recession in the 30's, and then came '39 and 6 years of WW2. As Tiny progressed with increasing responsibility in his work, and the regiment, they had an active social life, including events at their summer cottage on Crowe Lake.
Dorothy was born in '29, Tom in '31 and Chris looked after the family, moved them through 3 houses over the years in Deloro, and finally said goodbye to Deloro in '49 after Tiny's death. She moved to Hamilton, as it was familiar and so Tom could attend McMaster University. Dorothy, now an RN, worked at Hamilton General Hospital.