In September of 2009 we made our second visit to les Iles-de-la-madeleine.
We had all kinds of weather. Wind, rain, sunshine, overcast ... you name it, we had it, and that was great. There were lots of photographic opportunities. What you see here is just a sampling of our 7 day feast. Don't worry about how you get here, just come ... and enjoy wonderful hospitality! 
These photographs were taken on a September/October 2003 trip. Eleven are film, scanned to digital with a film scanner, the usual 2003 practice.
The slot canyon was taken on our 'test/try out this digital thing' Canon S30 digital camera. We were 100% digital in 2004 with Nikon D70's, then D90's. In 2013 we both switched to Olympus. E-M5's