The 2014 re-design and update of Portcullis* included a review of the Travel Destinations included and the Galleries that were continued and added to. I realized that I had photographs on file that I quite liked but missed being on the website in a Travel or Gallery context. I decided to collect some of these in a series of eclectic Galleries. They would be called 'Favourites'. Many are also in print form as I have presented them over the years at meetings of the Toronto Focal Forum, a 'Print Group' I have belonged to since 1977. (Long time! A lot of prints!)
   I like them all, but realize that not everyone will agree on their 'photographic merit'. That's OK. I do this for personal pleasure ... and hopefully for some pleasure for you as well.
 Zion National Park.Taken on film in March of 1997, early morning,  the foreground still in deep shadow. The park was almost empty, quiet, peaceful.
   The combination of camera movement and Christmas lights on outdoor trees provides lots of material for learning/experimentation. That's what we have here: three layers of light trails with contrasting directions and 'tweaked'.
   I have been walking/photographing in the Aurora Community Arboretum for a dozen years now. Different seasons bring new opportunities. This January 2006 image is one of my favourites ... that's why it's here!
  In 2008 we spent some time in the Charlevoix area of Quebec ... north and east of Quebec City. We spent two nights at Auberge Petit Madeleine in St Simeon. The morning we were leaving for Lac St Jean was overcast with drizzle and I found (my version of) beauty in a hedgerow near the main entrance.
  Our second trip to Les Iles de la Madeleine was in 2009. On day 3 we crossed to PEI on the Confederation Bridge and pulled into the parking area at the PEI Welcome Centre just as about 25 Corvettes pulled in. June went to be welcomed. I stayed and photographed pieces of Corvettes, and talked to their owners. I had a great time, but didn't know what to do with the images. Finally, I made this assembly in 2012.
   I like contrasting ideas. In 2012 we attended the 'Half-Century Club' Luncheon at McMaster University. We were in the 'original building' (1920's), University Hall, and as we left I stopped to photograph the 'Iron Gate' entrance, from inside. A minute later I was struck
by the architectural change from
the '20's' of the much newer Mills
Library. Thus this photograph.
   July 1, 2013. The Town of Aurora is celebrating Canada Day, and Aurora's Sesquicentennial. My assignment is to photograph the dedication of
the Sesquicentennial Tree in the Arboretum. There was a small, very friendly, show of vintage/classic cars in the park so I stopped, was intrigued by a latch, and have this photograph.
  I am standing in the upper level of the entrance rotunda at Albert College in Belleville Ontario. On the left are the doors to the Chapel. The corridor ahead will take you left along a cloister, right .. up the stairs to classrooms. I was a student here from 1944-1949 but it was not until a reunion in 2012 that I realized how beautiful these buildings were.
   We drove to the top of Mount Washington NH on our way home from a trip to PEI and Nova Scotia. It was a beautiful day and the view was outstanding. This blaze of colour was on the drive, deliberately abstracted with camera movement.
   In June 2009 my sister Dorothy, who lives in West Vancouver BC, came to visit us in Aurora. During the visit we took a 'Nostalgia Tour' of the area where we grew up in the 30's and 40's. We couldn't find the family cottage on Crowe Lake, but remembered this one, across the road form ours, now replaced by a much bigger country home.