The 'Favorites' Folios are different from the 'Galleries'. But you know that if you have been to prior 'Folios'. My expectation is that I will add one or two more Folios in 2018, and maybe make some changes to the Galleries as well. We have now moved to a 'Retirement Residence'. Future photography will be local and probably different. Time will tell. Come back to Portcullis* and see what happens.
  In September of 2009 we made our second visit to les Iles-de-la-madeleine.
We had all kinds of weather. Wind, rain, sunshine, overcast ... you name it, we had it, and that was great. There were lots of photographic opportunities. What you see here is just a sampling of our 7 day feast. Don't worry about how you get here, just come ... and enjoy wonderful hospitality!